Did you just burn your tongue? Well, we have all been there. The excruciating pain of waiting before you dive right into your food is too much. A tongue is a muscle made organ having numerous sensitive structures that help you taste things – the taste buds. When you eat hot food, these structures are actually affected. Read how to heal your burnt tongue easily with 11 home remedies.

Our body has a lot of coping mechanisms. Our taste buds slough off every 14 days, so in case of burning, your body will replace them naturally. However, it does not happen in one day rather it takes a few days. Go through this blog for pain relief methods.

How To Heal A Burnt Tongue?

Your tongue will naturally heal within a few days; here are some remedies for pain relief and accentuating healing time.

1. Cool It Down

Cooling the tongue must be the first thing on your mind, and that is exactly what we advise. Counter the burn with ice-cold water or chips. The cooling effect provides immediate relief and helps heal and soothe the tongue. Moreover, water intake will keep you hydrated and trigger saliva production, which aids in protection from bacteria.

2. Stay Away From Irritants

There is a big list of irritants that may trigger an adverse response. Broadly, stay away from hot, crunchy, or acidic food and beverages. These items will increase pain and slow down healing as well.

3. Don’t Brush Your Tongue

If brushing the tongue is a part of your oral regime, then do not do it until the affected area heals; take a break until it gets better.

4. Use Milk

Milk is one of the best soothers to heal the burnt tongue fast, and the richness and sweet taste provide instant pain relief from burns.

5. Saltwater Rinse

Salt and water solution acts as a good mouthwash; it relieves pain, soothes the tongue surface, and acts as an antibacterial agent.

6. OTC Gel

Various anesthetics are available over-the-counter, applied topically for instant relief; they contain numbing agents that show fast results.

7. OTC Painkillers

For better results, you can couple the OTC gel with oral painkillers; the regimen works better and lasts for a longer time.

8. Honey

Who does not like a tasty treat? Honey is a great soothing agent; you can use it to heal burnt tongue. Its dense and smooth texture provides prompt relief.

9. Eat Minty Chewing Gum

Mint is jam-packed with menthol, so when the gum is chewed on, its release is what gives an instant cooling effect.

10. Vitamin E Capsules

Vitamin E aids in tissue regeneration. A dose of 1000 IU in liquid capsules is usually used for the tongue burn area.

11. Dip The Tongue In Yoghurt

Yoghurt from the dairy family has lots of enzymes and good bacteria in it that helps in healing the burning sensation of the tongue.


We often suffer from a situation where the taste buds get burnt; do try these hacks to heal burnt tongue immediately. Still, in case of any confusion, contact the best dentist in Houston at Pearl Dentistry; call 713-766-4389 for details today.

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