Wisdom teeth are the last ones to pop out later in life. Due to their late protrusion, there is inadequate space to grow because other permanent teeth are already comfortable. In such case, the wisdom tooth often emerge impacted, that needs extraction. We understand that this process is daunting. But, with appropriate aftercare, your mouth will get back to normal in no time. In case you wonder, “Can I brush my teeth after wisdom teeth removal?” keep reading this blog for your answer and tips to follow for smooth recovery.

Can I brush After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Floss and regular brushing are part of the daily oral regime; there is no good in skipping it. However, precautions are necessary; some useful tips are mentioned below:

Extraction Day of Wisdom Teeth

How long is the wait after wisdom teeth removal for brushing your teeth? Well, your answer is, not that day at least. Wisdom teeth removal is a complex procedure, and the initial 24 hours are crucial.

The first day after teeth extraction is crucial concerning healing; any carelessness will cause multiple problems, including an infection.

Wisdom teeth extraction may involve stitches as well. Therefore if you brush shortly after it, there is a chance that they may displace, causing other grave problems like dry socket formation.

Spitting or gargling vigorously on the day of wisdom teeth extraction is not allowed because it can dislodge the scab; therefore, it is best not to use mouthwash for gargling just yet.

The Day After

Cleanliness of the oral cavity is important, even after wisdom teeth removal. However, the patient must take extreme care and steer clear from the extraction site to not mess up the healing process.

Blood scab formation in the initial 24 hours is a critical stage determining the time and rejuvenation level.

It is not wise to brush after removing teeth. However, even if you do, clean the mouth with a soft-bristled brush without touching the extraction site. Don’t spit the saliva solution formed; it may remove the blood clot, which is undesirable.

After 72 Hours

There is no need of waiting anymore; you can now brush your teeth normally after 72 hours or even 2 days of wisdom tooth extraction. But be extremely cautious of the extraction site; avoid the area until full recovery.

Mouthwash after Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Regular oral habit includes a brush, floss, and mouthwash finishing. However, these activities exert pressure on the removal site interfering with blood scab formation.

Next Day

Gentle mouth rinse is allowed after 24 hours pass. Using a warm salt water solution is appropriate instead of mouthwash. Mix 1 portion of salt in 3 portions of warm water for the solution.

Slightly swish and swirl the solution in your mouth, but do not spit. Rather, tilt your head over to the side opposite of the wisdom tooth extraction site on the sink, open your mouth and let the solution runoff.


Moreover, aftercare includes swelling and bleeding control, with diet modification to expedite the healing and minimize oral complications.

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