Getting a tooth extraction can be intimidating, but knowing what to expect during your recovery can help you feel calm and prepared before your procedure. For most patients, knowing what they can eat and drink after their surgery is a top concern. Read on to learn about your options during recovery.

The Type of Extraction Matters

There are many different types of tooth extractions and each has its own specific recovery guidelines. Patients who are getting dental implants will need to follow a different eating routine than patients who had wisdom teeth removed. In general, all patients should prepare for a liquid and/or soft food diet after their surgery. Ask your dentist when it is safe to return to your regular diet.

The Importance of Nutrition

While oral surgery might feel like a good time to “treat yourself” to milkshakes and ice cream, it’s important to remember to balance these treats with healthy options. Smoothies, protein shakes, and pureed soups will all keep you healthy while your mouth recovers. It’s also important to remember not to use straws during your recovery period as they can dislodge the blood clots that form as your surgery site heals, leading to painful dry sockets.

Talking to Your Dentist

If you need a tooth extraction, a dental consultation is the best way to learn about your surgery options and to get personalized diet tips to help you recover quickly. To schedule a consultation at Pearl Modern Dentistry, call us at 713-766-4389.

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