If you are dealing with gum disease, it’s important to seek professional help. Gum disease can lead to tooth decay and can even increase your risk of serious conditions like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems. If you have gum disease, laser gum treatment might be the right solution for you. Read on to learn more.

Is Laser Gum Treatment Right for Me?

Laser gum treatment is a great option for people with gingivitis (also known as early-stage gum disease). It can also be helpful for people with later-stage periodontal disease, but these people might need to use laser gum treatment with other therapies like prescription medications.

What Happens During a Laser Gum Treatment?

During this treatment, a dentist will use a small laser to kill bacteria and remove damaged gum tissue, revealing healthier gum tissue underneath. This treatment is growing in popularity because it is quick, painless, and extremely effective. Laser gum treatment also requires a shorter recovery time than traditional gum surgery, so many patients feel it’s a better fit for their busy lives.

Laser Gum Treatment in Houston, TX

If you notice changes in your gums, call our office for a consultation. Pearl Dentistry offers laser gum treatment and other periodontal therapies to help people suffering from gum disease. To discuss your options with our team, call us at 713-766-4389.

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