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Banish Your Bad Breath!

Do you feel embarrassed when you talk to someone knowing you have a bad breath? It has been estimated that over 50% of the population suffers through bad breath. Bad breath also known as Halitosis, is the most common oral health problem...

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Gingival Grafting: Benefits For This Procedure

Are your gums starting to recede from your teeth and also experiencing tooth sensitivity? Are the roots of your teeth visible, which is affecting the appearance of your smile? It may be time to consider getting a Gingival grafting...

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What Does A Bump On Your Gum Mean?

Finding a bump on your gum is not exactly an ideal way to start your day. If anything, it could take a turn for the worse, causing you to spiral and panic. But did you know that having a little lump on your gums isn’t always a cause for...

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What Causes White Spots on Gums?

If a white spot suddenly appears on your gums, your first response might be to prod at it with your finger to see what it is. But as out of place as it seems, white spots aren’t uncommon. They can be benign, like canker sores or a...

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Can Invisalign Fix Gaps in Teeth?

Have you ever caught yourself staring at your reflection in the mirror, wondering how to get rid of the gaps between your teeth? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Many people are born with diastemas — the small gaps between teeth....

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How Long Until A Tooth Infection Kills You?

Quick Answer: How long until a tooth infection kills you? A tooth infection can cause death in several months. It first forms into a dental abscess if not treated promptly. Once an abscess has developed, you may experience severe tooth...

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