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Houston Amalgam Filling Removal

Do you have metal fillings you want removed? Many people received metal or amalgam fillings when cavities were removed from their back teeth or molars. While amalgam fillings are still used, and considered safe, the appearance and mercury content of these fillings have led to many people preferring them removed. At Pearl Dentistry, we offer amalgam filling removal for our patients at our Houston office.

One of the concerns with amalgam fillings is the high mercury content. Amalgam can contain as much as 50% mercury, along with tin, silver, copper and other metals. Mercury has been linked to many health issues, including memory loss, headaches and other neurological disorders in those exposed to higher levels. Although amalgam fillings are usually safe when intact, the concern is if they begin to breakdown the mercury and other metals could enter the body.

Should I Have My Amalgam Fillings Removed?

Not everyone needs or wants their amalgam fillings removed. If the fillings are new or in good condition, it may be better to leave them in place. Removing them could cause more damage to the tooth. However, each person is different. You may want to consider having your amalgam fillings removed if:

  • You are concerned about health risks from mercury
  • You are allergic or sensitive to any of the metals within amalgam
  • Your metal fillings are visible and you would prefer tooth-colored fillings
  • The fillings are in poor condition

At Pearl Dentistry, we take the time to discuss with all our patients the risks of removing amalgam as well as the possible benefits. In some cases, we may recommend that you leave your metal fillings in place. When removal could jeopardize your tooth or health, we will suggest other options. If aesthetics is your only concern, there are other options available to hide metal fillings like bonding or veneers.

Why Choose Pearl Dentistry for Amalgam Filling Removal?

When you want to explore the possibility of removing your amalgam fillings, come see us at Pearl Dentistry. Our experienced dentist will explain the options available, including replacing your metal fillings with new tooth-colored, metal-free fillings. Call today to schedule your consultation to discuss your options.

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