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Crown Lengthening Dentist

Dental crowns are used to protect damaged teeth and in a variety of dental procedures. In most cases, the tooth is easily prepared for the crown and it is adhered in place for a perfect fit. However, some broken teeth have lost too much material to properly fit a crown. When this is the case, crown lengthening may be used to fit the crown. At Pearl Dentistry, we offer crown lengthening for broken teeth and for cosmetic purposes for our patients.

Crown lengthening is actually a gum or bone reducing procedure. It is not a matter of making the crown longer, but allowing more room for the crown below the initial gum line. Our team of periodontal experts can effectively remove gum or bone tissue to make room for a new dental crown. This is needed when a tooth is broken too low to properly fit a crown above the existing gum line or a tooth has lost too much material to decay. It can also be used for cosmetic enhancement of a “gummy smile.”

Cosmetic Gum Removal for Crowns

If you have a smile that shows too much of your gums, you may feel self-conscious of your smile. Showing more of the covered tooth structure below the gum line can improve the appearance of your teeth, resolving the “gummy smile” issue. Crown lengthening is used to cosmetically change the amount of tooth exposed by removing excess gum tissue and covering your teeth with cosmetic dental crowns. For many, it can give them the smile they always wanted, helping them feel more confident in social and professional encounters.

Our team uses the latest technology for all our dental procedures, including crown lengthening. One option available is laser therapy for gum tissue removal. When only a small amount of gum tissue needs to be removed for fitting a crown or for cosmetic purposes, laser therapy is an excellent option. one we offer at Pearl Dentistry.

Why Choose Pearl Dentistry for Crown Lengthening?

Your oral health is important to us at Pearl Dentistry. We offer the most advanced options in tooth restorations and cosmetic dentistry at our office in Houston, including crown lengthening. If you need a new crown for a severely damaged tooth or want to improve your smile, call us for a consultation.

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