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Houston Dental Crowns and Bridges

Restoring teeth is a combination of medical knowledge and art. Both dental crowns and bridges can create beautiful new teeth when your natural teeth have been damaged or lost. At Pearl Dentistry in Houston, we offer advanced restorative options to care for your smile, including crowns and bridges.

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are used to protect your existing teeth after they have been damaged or undergone extensive dental treatments. These coverings protect the structure of your tooth and are functional for chewing while created to resemble the shape of your natural tooth. Crowns can be made from metals or ceramics – many people prefer porcelain crowns that are white and can be color-matched to your existing teeth. Crowns can also be used as part of bridgework to replace missing teeth.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are restorative appliances that can replace a missing tooth or teeth. There are several different types of bridges, but the traditional bridge uses crowns placed on the abutment teeth to support the prosthetic teeth. Bridges close the gaps in your smile, offering a beautiful and functional solution to missing teeth.

To create a bridge, prosthetic teeth called pontics are used to replace the missing tooth or teeth. These are created to look natural and match your existing teeth. They can be attached to crowns on your natural teeth or to dental implants to keep them in place. Many people prefer bridges to partial dentures since they are fixed and will not slip or move when eating or talking.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

To create crowns and bridges, new teeth need to be designed to match your existing teeth and bite. Using advanced imagery and dental impressions of your teeth, prosthetic teeth or crowns can be created in a laboratory. Often porcelain or metal fused with porcelain is used to create a natural-looking crown or pontic. If your tooth is prepared to receive a crown, a temporary crown will be placed on the tooth; if a bridge will be added, a temporary restoration will be placed to keep your teeth the right space apart to fit the pontics once they are created.

Once the lab finishes the crowns, pontics or both, you will come in for your permanent placement. The crowns and bridgework will be fitted to ensure they match your bite and look natural. Once any adjustments needed are completed, the crowns and bridge are secured permanently.

Most crowns take two appointments; one to get the measurements and another to cement the new crown. Bridges can be finished in two appointments as well, but if changes are needed, it may take three or more.

Why Choose Pearl Dentistry for Crowns and Bridges?

Your smile should only be trusted to experienced dental professionals. At Pearl Dentistry, we take pride in creating beautiful crowns and bridges for our patients that function and appear like natural teeth. Call us to learn more about our restorative and repair dental services to protect and enhance your smile.

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