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Houston Gingival Grafting

Many adults suffer from periodontal disease that can result in receded gums from the roots of the teeth. While periodontal disease can be treated, if excessive gum tissue has been lost, it can cause issues with your appearance and your oral health. At Pearl Dentistry, we offer gingival grafting at our Houston office to replace and rejuvenate gum tissue for our patients.

Gingival or gum grafting uses donor tissue to enhance lost gum tissue. The donor tissue can be taken from the patient’s own palate or from a tissue bank. The tissue is grafted to cover exposed tooth roots, using advanced techniques to ensure successful regeneration of gum tissue. This is often used when other forms of gum tissue regeneration have been unsuccessful, but the gum disease is well-controlled.

Reasons for a Gum Graft

There are several reasons a gingival or gum graft is used. When the gums have receded and tissue is lost, the roots of the teeth are exposed. This can cause extreme sensitivity to temperature, causing you discomfort. Gum loss also changes the appearance of your smile. Your teeth can look longer, changing the way you look. Gun grafting can restore your gums to a healthy thickness to cover the roots of your teeth, improving your oral health and improving your smile.

If you have periodontal disease, you can quickly lose gum tissue that will not regenerate on its own. Gum grafting can help restore your gums for improved comfort and to restore your smile to its former glory. There are several different types of gingival grafting available at our office to repair different levels of gum loss.

Why Choose Pearl Dentistry for Gingival Grafting?

When you need expert dental care in a comfortable, relaxing environment, you can trust our experienced team at Pearl Dentistry. Our periodontal and oral surgery professionals can help restore your smile with gingival grafting. Call today for a consultation.

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