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Houston Root Canal Therapy

It is not uncommon to see a patient cringe when we explain that root canal therapy will be needed to save a tooth. While we understand that root canals have a bad reputation, it isn’t one that is fairly earned. Root canal therapy is usually the means of relieving a patient’s pain from an infected tooth. Our team at Pearl Dentistry are experts at stress-free tooth repairs. We use the latest dental technology to perform root canal therapy that is expedient, effective and virtually pain-free for our patients.

Root canal therapy is often the only option to save a severely infected or damaged tooth. If the interior of the tooth has been compromised, the tooth can be in jeopardy of loss. Root canals clear out decayed and infected material from inside the tooth and restore the tooth to health. Advanced technology and techniques used by our office for root canal therapy can improve the experience for our patients while stopping the pain caused by infection.

Root Canals Stop Tooth Pain

Often the reason a patient comes to us when they need a root canal is due to severe pain. When infection and decay enter the interior of the tooth, pain is often the result. Root canals remove the entire pulp and nerve roots inside the tooth canals; once this diseased material is removed, the interior is completely disinfected before it is filled and resealed.

In the past, root canals often were completed in several visits to the dentist. Using improved imaging and disinfection equipment, we can complete most root canals in one visit. A crown is usually placed over the tooth, which may require a second visit. The good news for our patients is that our root canals have little more discomfort than receiving a filling, yet stop the pain caused by the infection.

Why Choose Pearl Dentistry for Root Canal Therapy?

When you have a painful tooth, you want the best care available. Pearl Dentistry provides excellence in all our dentistry procedures, using the latest technology and methods for improved patient care. If you need root canal therapy, trust our experienced dental professionals for the best dental care in Houston.

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