A mouth guard is a simple tool that can save your child from complex dental procedures in the future. These devices are affordable, comfortable, and non-invasive, making them perfect for all types of kids and activities. Could your child benefit from a mouth guard? Keep reading to learn more about this device.

Easy Protection For a Variety of Activities

Mouth guards are great for active kids. They are most commonly used while playing football or hockey but can be helpful for children participating in any sport or contact activity. A custom mouth guard will be comfortable and subtle, allowing your child to focus on their game without their protective gear acting as a distraction.

Protect Teeth… And More

While mouth guards are known for protecting teeth, they are also helpful for the mouth as a whole. Mouth guards can help protect the gums, tongue, and jaws from impact and injury, helping kids avoid all sorts of maxillofacial complications during trauma.

The Importance of a Professional Mouth Guard Fitting

Many pharmacies, sports retailers, and big box stores sell boil-and-bite mouth guard kits. These kits allow you to create a mouthguard for your children at home. While these are certainly convenient, they do not provide all the benefits of a professionally-fitted mouth guard. Having a mouth guard fitted by a dentist is the only way to ensure the device fits properly and is truly protective. It will also be more comfortable and durable.

If you would like a  customized mouth guard for your child, Pearl Dentistry is here to help. Call us at 713-766-4389 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

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