Root canals aren’t fun. Everybody knows that.

What is a root canal, though? Whenever you tell people you have to get one, they’ll shudder or sympathize, but not necessarily know what it is. Essentially, it’s a procedure to save extremely damaged teeth. It’s a recommended treatment for teeth with severe nerve infection, or pulp damage. Pulp damage is when the soft tissue inside the center of the tooth is damaged and begins to break down, causing a lot of bacteria to start forming inside the mouth. For that reason, it’s best to get any kind of tooth pain checked right away, on the off chance that either nerve or pulp may be damaged.

It sounds a little scary, but a root canal is a relatively simple procedure. The dentist will have to remove both nerve and pulp, and then reseal the affected teeth. This procedure is actually at about the same pain levels as a filling, and naturally, your dentist will make sure to numb your mouth extensively. Nobody wants you to feel any kind of pain, and many dentists will stop the minute you indicate the numbing could be wearing off.

When getting a root canal done, or any kind of procedure, it’s important to communicate with your dentist. If you have a fear of the dentist’s seat, they can easily walk you through everything that’ll be done and reassure you. Some dentists will even let you play music, and are open to whatever comforting methods may need to be done. A root canal is done for the health of your teeth, and that’s their top priority.

At Pearl Dentistry, we take the utmost care with our patients. From the waiting room to the chair, we’ll make sure that you’re comfortable with what’s going on — making your dental visit a good one is important to us. It may not always be under the best circumstances, but we’ll make sure you have the best experience possible.

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