Oral cancer is a debilitating condition that affects thousands of Americans every year. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this disease. If you are at risk for oral cancer, your dentist can use a tool called VELscope to check for abnormalities and monitor changes that could indicate cancer. Read on to learn more about VELscope.

What is VELscope?

VELscope is an oral cancer screening tool. In one easy and non-invasive procedure, your dentist will scan your mouth using the VELscope tool. The tool is a handheld device that scans the mouth using a blue light. This light can detect changes and abnormalities that are not visible to the naked eye, making VELscope the best way to detect oral cancer as early as possible.

Am I at Risk For Oral Cancer?

Anyone can develop oral cancer, but certain individuals are considered high-risk. These risk factors include genetic predisposition, advanced age, and lifestyle factors like poor nutrition, tobacco use, or heavy alcohol intake. There are some other less common risk factors as well, such as having fair skin or taking immunosuppressant drugs.

Talking to Your Dentist

If you are at risk for oral cancer or if you develop any oral cancer symptoms, talk to a dentist immediately. They will be able to assess your mouth and check for signs of the disease. For easy oral cancer screenings with VELscope, call Pearl Modern Dentistry at 713-766-4389 or book an appointment online.

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