Teeth are an essential part of the human body. Our health depends on the food we eat. Therefore, biting and chewing food is necessary for good health. However, if due to aging or other factors, you have to lose your teeth, dentures are a good alternative. They will improve their appearance and return your lost confidence. But how long does it take to get dentures?

Besides, there is no fixed time to attach dentures; it depends on the circumstances. Dentures cannot be placed immediately after tooth extraction. The gums and the tissues need time to heal before they can adjust with the dentures. It can be a lengthy process and depends on the needs of the teeth or the roots removed. The dentist will fix the appointments as per the requirement.

Tooth extraction till healing

Before putting dentures, the dentist removes the teeth. Nevertheless, depending on the situation, he continues the procedure. After removal, the place needs time to heal, which can extend up to months. Once the dentist feels that the healing process is complete, he begins with the dentures.

Making dentures

Hence, how long does it take to get dentures depends on the patient’s oral conditions. The procedure starts with making the set of dentures. The dentures need accurate measurements so that they fit correctly. The dentist makes sure all the sizes and ridges are correct as per the patient’s mouth. Any wrong measure can change the facial appearance, so the dentist takes great care.

Fixing dentures

After finalizing everything, it’s time for fixing dentures in the mouth. Few adjustments are necessary at this time as the dentist performs them accordingly. It is also a fact that the patient takes time to adjust to the artificial teeth. Contact us if you still are not clear on how long does it take to get dentures, or you have any other query. Call us on 713-766-4389.

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