Coffee has several health benefits; however, drinking too much coffee may be bad for your teeth. But why is that? Keep reading to find out!

Drinking one cup of coffee per day elevates the chances of cavities. Moreover, coffee can also lead to halitosis and can make your breath smell bad. This is because coffee has a thick scent, and it gives rise to bacteria in the mouth.

Another reason why coffee is bad for your teeth is that it stains your teeth. Coffee contains the ingredient tannin that causes discoloration of your teeth. Tannin is also present in other teeth-staining drinks such as tea and wine.

Enamel Erosion
Coffee erodes teeth and the enamel layer by promoting the oral bacteria to produce acid responsible for erosion. Several minerals make up enamel, and one of them is hydroxyapatite which acts as the uppermost protective layer of the teeth. This layer also contributes to the color of your teeth, and any damage can ruin the brightness of your teeth.

Yellow teeth
The layer of your teeth underneath the enamel is dentin. When light reflects on the enamel and combines with dentin, the color of your teeth is produced. The enamel hides the yellowish color of the dentin. When enamel erodes, it becomes thin and more dentin is visible, which makes your teeth appear yellow.
If you think adding extra cream to the coffee will stop teeth discoloration, you might be wrong. Dark and light-colored coffee both contains the same pigments, and the creamer only accelerates bacterial growth.

Types of tooth discoloration:

Tooth discoloration is the discoloration of tooth enamel, and it happens when teeth come in contact with several drinks, foods, and other things that stain the teeth. Tobacco, tea, coffee, wine are the reasons behind extrinsic tooth discoloration.

The inner tooth structure (dentin) is also affected by tooth discoloration. Intrinsic teeth discoloration can happen due to various reasons such as:

  • Excessive fluoride exposure during early age
  • Oral trauma during childhood
  • Internal bleeding of a permanent tooth due to dental trauma
  • Dentin dysplasia causes teeth discoloration, often with purple-gray yellow-brownish color

As you age, the dentin turns yellowish, and the enamel becomes thinner. Ultimately the yellow dentin is more visible.

How to prevent coffee from staining your teeth

To prevent teeth discoloration cut down on your coffee intake. You can also use a straw for drinking coffee as it reduces the interaction with the teeth. Instead of dragging the coffee the whole day, drink it in a single go to avoid bacteria build-up.

Drinking plenty of water will also eliminate the coffee debris. Brush and floss your teeth after drinking coffee to reduce teeth stains.

Get Your Teeth Whitened!

It is advised to see your dentist once or twice a year and ask about the most suitable way to whiten your teeth. To schedule an appointment for professional teeth whitening, contact Pearl Modern Dentistry at 713.766.4389.

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