If you wake up one day and realize you have a loose tooth, don’t worry. Chances are, the dentist can fix your loose adult tooth.

Why is my tooth loose?

There are several reasons why an adult may have a loose tooth. The most common causes include:

  • Gum disease
  • Teeth grinding
  • Accident/injury

How dentists fix a loose tooth?

If you notice your tooth is missing, call your dentist as soon as possible. Doing it at the earliest is in your best interest. The longer you wait with a loose tooth, the more likely it is to fall out completely. Set an appointment at the dentist and try to eat soft foods in the meantime.

Tooth Injury

Once you get into the office, your dentist will examine your tooth and see the cause behind it. If the tooth is loose due to injury, the dentist may try to splint the tooth. Splinting involves bonding the loose tooth to the surrounding teeth to help secure it. It is a temporary fix since composite bonding doesn’t last very long.

Gum Disease

Suppose the tooth is loose because of gum disease. In that case, the dentist can complete a deep cleaning to save the tooth. During a deep cleaning, a dental hygienist will remove the infection that has grown into the gumline, causing the gums to recede. Once the bacteria is removed, there’s a good possibility that the gums will heal and tighten up around the tooth.

Are there cases when it is not possible to save a tooth?

Unfortunately, there are cases when it is very difficult to save a loose adult tooth. Sometimes, the tooth is severely damaged due to an injury, or the patient has waited too long to get dental care for the tooth. In such situations, we recommend extraction and implants. Dental implants improve aesthetics and return the ability to eat and speak naturally to patients who have missing teeth.

If you have a loose tooth, don’t wait too long before seeing a dentist. Schedule your appointment with Pearl Dentistry. Call at 713.766.4389.

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