The time it takes to recover from a wisdom tooth extraction is something of importance to most people. This is a big concern if the removal is needed during school or college days. If you’re the candidate for wisdom teeth extraction, taking off from work can be trouble, so knowing the exact days you’ll need to recover will help you to plan.

After having wisdom teeth removed, the main cause of concern is the pain and swelling it brings along. Swelling and inflammation after tooth extraction are common, and you should also expect inflammation in the tissue around the extracted tooth. Learning how to take care of your tooth after surgery can make things easy for your kids or yourself.

How Long Does It Take For Pain To Go Away After Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery?

Getting comfortable and free from pain after wisdom tooth removal is very important. Because swelling causes pain and distress, following the tips to minimize the inflammation will be best for you. Following the wisdom tooth, removal aftercare guidelines from your dentist will help lessen the swelling.

If you need pain-relieving medication, go with ibuprofen or Tylenol and also ask your doctor. For severe swelling, your doctor may give you prescription medicine.

For the first few days, only eat a soft diet to make things easy for yourself. Go with smoothies, eggs, applesauce, soups, and remember not to take medicines on an empty stomach.
Cold compress really helps to bring down swelling after tooth removal surgery. On the first or second day after surgery, apply an ice pack on the cheeks outside the extraction site. Apply for 15 minutes and then take a break of 15 minutes. Repeat the cycle throughout the day.

How Long Does Swelling Last After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Typically the swelling after wisdom tooth extractions lasts a few days, or it can stretch to several weeks. If nothing goes bad, the swelling and pain can reside within 3-5 days. If you follow the recovery guidelines, you’ll successfully avoid complications and further swelling. For some people, the swelling can take longer, so they should be extra careful regarding their healing process. Taking the right medication and good care can ease your situation within a few days.

Sensitivity and bruising are some other symptoms that you’re likely to experience with swelling. Saying goodbye to college or work for a few days will be best for you. Ask your dentist to extract your teeth a few days before the weekend, let’s say Thursday, so you can rest in the coming days and rejoin on Monday.

You may not fully recover from swelling or inflammation, but it will be minimized enough for you to continue your daily chores. Until then, keep eating easy-to-chew foods and cold beverages and wait for the gums to heal fully.

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