If you recently have had your braces, you must be worried about the foods you can or cannot eat. But do you know you also need to revise your drinking habits? The most common drink that can trigger oral damage is soda, so can you drink it with braces?  

Soda and soft drinks can damage your teeth and are a big NO, especially if you have braces.


How Soda Negatively Affects Your Braces


Soda of any type, carbonated beverage, or energy drink is full of sugar and can deteriorate your oral health. The sugar in these drinks can result in tooth decay, decalcification, and tooth softening. Decalcification is the loss of calcium and phosphate from the teeth. This reduction of worthy vitamins and minerals leads to tooth sensitivity and cavities.

Carbonation and fizziness are due to the acidic content in soft drinks. The acid is your teeth’s worst enemy, ready to destroy your tooth enamel as soon as it comes in contact.

Can you believe that a typical 12-ounce can of regular soda contains about 40 grams of sugar, which means whenever you hit a can, you are ingesting about 9 full teaspoons of sugar!!!

Though sugar does not directly damage your teeth like acid, sugar is one of the leading food reservoirs for bacteria residing on your teeth. That bacteria consumes and breaks down the sugar, producing acids that eat away your teeth.

A single sip of soda might not harm your teeth but can definitely speed up the tooth decay process, risking your pretty smile.

If you think that diet soda may do the trick, you’re wrong. Even diet sodas contain high doses of sweeteners and syrups that are harmful to your teeth.

These drinks not only cause wear and tear to your teeth; they can damage your braces as well. For example, if you are fond of darker soda drinks, they can cause discoloration to your teeth and clear brackets while giving your smile a yellow appearance. Finally, when you are at the end of your treatment, and your braces are removed, you may notice your teeth are darker than where your orthodontist attached the brace.


Is There a Way to Safely Drink Soda With Braces? 


If you don’t want to give up on soda while wearing braces, you can go with it, but it’s good to reduce your soda intake. Also, when having a soft drink with braces, please make sure to use a straw as it will limit the exposure of acid and sugar to your teeth.

If you’re not sure what to and what not to eat with braces, we can help. Contact Pearl Dentistry at 713.766.4389.

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