There are a number of benefits to amalgam filling removal for patients of Pearl Dentistry. These fillings are still being used in modern dentistry and there is no evidence to suggest they are not safe. However, that does not mean you cannot have them removed if you wish. Some people are concerned about the health risks of amalgam fillings so our dentistry team is happy to carry out effective removal and replacement.

The health concerns that prompt most people to seek amalgam filling removal surrounds the level of mercury content in the fillings. There are other materials such as silver and copper in amalgam fillings but around 50% of the total content is mercury. If you are worried about mercury poisoning you can trust in Pearl Dentistry to provide excellence in amalgam filling removal treatment.

Reasons for Amalgam Filling Removal

Other than health concerns, there are common reasons that patients at Pearl Dentistry opt for amalgam filling removal. Some patients suffer from sensitivity to certain metals which may be contained in the filling, meaning that amalgam filling removal is necessary to gain relief. You may also prefer to have natural looking composite fillings, which aren’t easily discernible from the real thing. After a time, or as the teeth suffer from further decay, amalgam fillings can break apart or become lose. In this case an amalgam filling removal is preferable to leaving the surviving tooth exposed.

There are risks associated with an amalgam filling removal which your dentist can discuss with you after your assessment. In all cases we provide expert advice that will help you, the patient, make informed decisions on which treatments will provide the most benefits for you. To have your amalgam fillings checked or removed, call Pearl Modern Dentistry today to book an appointment with our specialist team.

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