The frenum is the soft muscular tissue which connects the upper lip and gum tissue on the upper jaw and the tongue and gum tissue on the lower jaw. Both of these connections are between the front teeth. The labial frenum is on top and the lingual frenulum is on the bottom. A frenectomy is a simple oral surgery procedure which removes the frenum.


Problems With the Frenum

The labial frenum can cause a gap between the two front teeth. The gap often closes after permanent teeth grow in, but in some instances, it does not. Sometimes braces are used to close the gap. If this treatment does not help, a frenectomy may be recommended. In situations where the child feels pain between the gums and upper lip because of the frenum, the surgery will be performed to eliminate the pain.


Problems with the lower frenum can cause a child to be “tongue tied.” In this situation the frenum extends to the tip of the tongue and does not allow for full movement. Kids with this condition have trouble speaking correctly.It can also affect their eating.


How a Frenectomy Helps

The labial frenum pulls on the gum and this can cause gum issues along with being painful. The frenectomy eliminates the pain and the gap between tooth and gums. When the issue involves the lingual frenum, surgery releases the tongue to move freely. Without the restriction of the frenum, the child can now speak clearly and eat properly.


If your child is having problems with his or her frenum, or you suspect there may be a problem, contact Pearl Dentistry and schedule an appointment. We will be happy to do a thorough oral exam and make a recommendation.

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