During the infant stage of your child’s life, their body will be rapidly progressing. It is at this stage in their life that you should be the most vigilant so that all goes well in their natural growth. One of the things that parents are often concerned about is the development of their child’s mouth. How the frenum develops is key to your child’s gums’ sensitivity, strength, and appearance. The upper frenum is concerned with the top lip and row of teeth, while the bottom frenum is concerned with the tongue, lip, and bottom row of teeth. While complications can arise in your frenum, getting a frenectomy can solve issues entirely.

What is the frenum?

The frenum is a band of tissue that runs from the lip to the gum tissue. Gently run your pinky finger across the inside of your lower and upper lips to feel it. Specifically, it’s right in the middle and attaches the lip to the gums. The frenum tissue is also underneath the tongue, and it will have a similar appearance, thickness, and look. Lift up your tongue and gently run your finger from side to side. It should be in the middle. This tissue helps everything stay molded and stable so that the lips return to the right place when they are resting. Additionally, it ensures the tongue isn’t swallowed to avoid breathing complications.

Malformed frenum

Upper labial

When the upper frenum is malformed, i.e., pulling on the gums, this can cause complications. The gum tissue will become sensitive, and over time, it will destabilize the front two teeth. The gum will look like it has shrunk. Additionally, it may be red and raw.

Lower labial

The same pretty much goes for the lower frenum. It will pull on the gum, making eating and drinking a little more troublesome as the gum becomes sensitive. Since the gum doesn’t provide as much support to the teeth, chewing might wobble the loosened teeth, which can cause pain.


A malformed frenum will tug on the tongue, not allowing for a full range of movement. Unfortunately, it will be easily noticeable when you lift your tongue. Specifically, you’ll see tissue attached to the bottom of the tongue, rising as the tongue lifts. This can cause speech issues as certain sounds are unable to be made.

Getting a Frenectomy

Getting a frenectomy is very easy. Furthermore, it’s pain-free as the area is numbed. Additionally, sedation is not required. A very accurate laser is used to slowly detach parts of the frenum from the gums or the tongue. Once the dentist is satisfied with the level of movement you have, you’ll be given tips on how to control the inflammation and how long it will take to heal.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to get a frenectomy or any other dental procedure, Pearl Dentistry can help! Feel free to call us at 713.766.4389 to schedule an appointment or to ask any questions you may have! We would love to help you on your dental journey!

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