There are millions of people who have anxiety and even a diagnosable phobia when it comes to visiting the dentist. A general sense of nervousness and unease settles in and it’s a hard feeling to shake off. Symptoms can range from something mild, such as sweating, to heart palpitations and fainting. To manage, there are some steps you can take. Share your fears with your dentist. Focus on breathing and consider using sedation dentistry as an alternative.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Instead of relying on self-medication to try to relax, some offices offer sedation dentistry to help lessen anxiety while at the dentist. Sedation dentistry offers a variety of methods to induce varying levels of sedation.

  1. Inhaled-known as “laughing gas”, it’s combined with oxygen and administered through a mask that covers your nose and mouth.
  2. Oral-a medication named Halcion that is in the same family as Valium. Taken orally, it makes you drowsy enough to doze but easily awakened with gentle shaking.
  3. IV-this treatment also utilizes Halcion, but it is delivered through a needle to your veins and allows for sedation adjustment.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

As long as your sedation is being administered by an experienced professional, the American Dental Association “supports the right of appropriately trained dentists” to sedate patients. You should be given a medical screening to monitor blood pressure, obesity and respiration as well as reviewing your list of medications, including herbal supplements and vitamins.

Reach Out to the Professionals

Pearl Dentistry has the experienced staff you need to make sure you are at ease in our dental chairs. There’s no need to be anxious because we have the right training to set you at ease. Call us to see how we can help. 713-766-4389.

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