Braces are an orthodontic treatment that brings out a fantastic smile that is a dream of every teenager. Getting braces to straighten your teeth seems like a good idea, but it’s not that pleasing as it sounds. You have to go through immense pain and discomfort during the first few weeks of getting a new set of orthodontic appliance. The adjustment sessions with your dentist following the placement of the braces also hurt. But with time, you learn to adjust to the new appliances and manage to ease the pain. Now finally, years later, the time to get the braces off has come. So what to expect when your orthodontist removes your braces? Do they hurt or comes off easily? Are there any good or bad things involved? Let’s find out.

A Pretty Smile

This is something you’ve been waiting for so long since you first planned, or your dentist recommended you to get races. An aesthetically pleasing smile is the first thing you should expect after your braces come off. With the metallic wires and brackets gone, you’ll be able to see your now straight and even teeth.

Your Biting And Chewing Power Is Back

It might feel strange that you can eat your favorite savory dish once again, take a bite of a cheesy pizza slice without worrying about hurting your brackets. Your magical candies, chocolate bars, and jellies are all back. The freedom to eat whatever you love is something special you get after your braces are off.

Cleaning Is Easy Once Again

Brushing and flossing with braces is always a daunting task. Keeping your teeth clean without any metallic wires and brackets is easy and fun to do; therefore, you should now do it more often. Since the limit to the menu is gone, and you’re allowed to eat everything, this means more bacteria and food residues ramming your teeth. It’s necessary to focus more on keeping those pearly whites clean and clear.

A Little Discomfort

Getting the braces off may hurt slightly, but it’s nothing compared to the pain you had when your orthodontist first placed them. How long do your teeth hurt after getting braces off? You will have tender teeth and gums when you reach home after your removal appointment. The tenderness and sensitivity will take about a week to recede. Meantime, drink a glass of icy water to ease the discomfort.

Yellow Teeth

Tooth discoloration is something you might expect after your braces come off. After braces removal, you might have yellow teeth that look bad. Calcification might also add to discoloration. But it’s something the cosmetic dentists at Pearl Dentistry can treat with ease.

Some More Treatments

Your teeth straightening procedure might not end with braces and may require additional treatments. For many patients, the journey ends with retainers, but others may need palatal expanders, spacers, mouth guards, or something else.

If you plan to get your braces off or need help to straighten your teeth, schedule an appointment with Pearl Dentistry. Give us a call at 713.766.4389 .

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