Everyone is vigilant when it comes to taking care of their bodies. Regular visits for a checkup to make sure there is nothing wrong going on. However, such care is not seen for dental health; it is often taken for granted. Symptoms like a red spot on gum, swelling, or jaw pain could be a marker of something seriously wrong in the body. If your mouth is showing unusual signs, do not ignore it, get it checked as soon as possible.

A better dental practice will lead to better overall health, which is our goal. This blog contains detailed information about gum health, reasons for red spots on the gums, and what should be done about it.

Red spots on the gums

A red spot on the gums are fairly visible and can be caught early, more likely as soon as they appear. This increases the chances of successful treatment. Usually, red-colored spots on your gum or inside the mouth are caused by different reasons like strep throat or scarlet fever. Moreover, in the case of babies, teething may cause their gum to swell up, which appears red.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the conditions.

Scarlet fever

It is a bacterial infection caused by streptococcus bacteria that is characterized by fever and rash that accompanies strep throat. It causes rashes and red skin all over the body, including the mouth region.

Oral antibiotics work well for this illness. The first choices are either amoxicillin or penicillin. But, individuals with penicillin allergies are prescribed alternative drugs.


It is a condition in which abnormal cells accumulate that appears as a red spot or patch inside the oral cavity.

The red spots or lesions mostly emerge on the mouth bed or gums that are situated at the back. Its cause is the consumption of tobacco-based products in any form, be it chewing directly or smoking cigarettes/cigars.

Other than tobacco, sometimes long-term usage of badly fitting dentures can also lead to gums having red spots.

Erythroplakia is a premalignant condition, which means that it can develop into cancer if not looked into it on time. Routine dental checkup and self-examination is the key to catch this progress in the gums.

Firstly, go for a biopsy. If it comes out positive, do not panic. Schedule an appointment with your dentist. The best course of action would be the removal of the premalignant red spot on the gum.

However, this condition is recurrent. Therefore, carefully monitor the condition after surgery and stay away from triggers.


It is one of the most common complications of the mouth. Gingivitis is considered the early stage of gum disease that turns the gums red, swollen, and tender. They may become prone to bleeding. The leading reason for this disease is poor oral hygiene. Improper cleaning leading to bacterial accumulation is the reason for this disease development.

Scaling removes the tartar or plaque from the teeth and prevents the bacteria from sticking again for some time. This relieves the gum from an excess load that causes a red spot on it.
Use of mouthwash with a good oral regime, proper brushing, and floss can greatly help in the longer run.

Summing up

The red spot on the gum could be nothing more than an infection or something dangerous like cancer. Regular dental checkups can help prevent it. Dentists at Pearl Dentistry in Houston, Tx are experts of the oral cavity. In case of any unusual discoloration like red or white spots on the gums, reach out immediately. Call at 713 766 4389 to fix an appointment.

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