False teeth have been around for literally hundreds of years. The first known attempts at creating dentures occurred around 700 B.C. as far as anthropologist can tell. At that time animal teeth or those from other humans were used to make them. Tooth decay was not as rampant in ancient history as it is now. In fact, it only became a huge problem with the rise of the industrial age. At that time sugar was made widely available to all people, not just the upper classes.

Consequently, as more people used refined sugar and tooth decay increased, more people lost teeth creating a much higher need for false teeth, or dentures. As the demand for dentures increased, so did the advancements in technology.

From Springs and Hippo Ivory to 3D Printing

President George Washington is said to have had wooden teeth; however, this is only a myth. He did have several sets of dentures made of various substances. They were put together with gold wires and brass screws. Hippo ivory and sometimes human teeth were used. As you can imagine these dentures were uncomfortable and probably did not produce an attractive smile.

Fast forward to 2018 where dentures can now be produced in one piece with 3D printing. Dentures do not need to be removable anymore either. With implant secured dentures your false teeth can stay in your mouth for longer periods of time. Even removable dentures are more secure with dental implants.

Grandma’s Dentures

Traditional dentures take several visits to the dental office before you get to the final product. Even after they are made and placed in the mouth, there are still visits afterward to adjust and eliminate sore spots. Aesthetically, they look a lot better than a mouth with missing teeth, but they can often look a little off.

These dentures also have ongoing issues. The bone structure beneath the gums begins to shrink over time. This is because there is no stimulation of the bone to keep it growing and healthy. Since there are no teeth to support, the bone may become less dense and weaken as the years wear on. This lack of structure can cause facial muscles to collapse and look sunken. It does not take much to alter one’s appearance.

As the bone shrinks, the dentures can become loose and dental adhesives in the form of pastes and powders are used to hold them in. After a while a reline is needed to get them to fit decently again. The dentures can come loose while you are speaking, eating, laughing, and coughing. Grandma’s dentures can be embarrassing.

Today’s Dentures

Implant secured dentures have many advantages over traditional dentures. The implants keep the bone stimulated and growing so it does not shrink in the implant area. These types of dentures do not fall out, become dislodged, or shift. You have complete confidence with these. They are also more comfortable to wear because you don’t have the bulk of plastic covering your gums and palate.

If you need dentures, contact Pearl Dentistry. Schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of our dentists to talk about your options.

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