Decay left untreated will eat its way through the layers of a tooth right down to the nerve center located in the tooth root. When the root of a tooth has been infected, you feel the pain and it can be severe. Root canal therapy eliminates the pain while saving the tooth structure.

The Pain of Infection

When a tooth root is infected, bacteria attack the nerves and the tooth begins to die. As the body’s immune system begins to fight the infection, toxins begin to build up in the root canal. An abscess may begin to develop at the apex of the root where the nerves enter the root. As the size of the abscess increases the surrounding tissues become inflamed. The toxins may begin to dissolve the surrounding bone mass. If the infection is not terminated, it could pass into the blood system, causing serious health problems.

The Pain Relief of Root Canal Therapy

In order to save a tooth with an infected root the infection needs to be brought under control and the dead nerve material needs to be removed from the root canal. This is accomplished by using special instruments. Once the root canal is completely cleaned out it is then sterilized, filled with an inert material and sealed off.

The nerve of the tooth is what keeps it alive and provides sensation. When the nerve is removed the tooth is essentially dead. Because the nerve is gone, it cannot transmit pain signals to the brain anymore and therefore root canal therapy gives immediate pain relief.

Good oral health is important and root canal therapy can restore health to your mouth when you have an infected tooth. Keep your mouth in great oral health with regular visits to your dentist. Call Pearl Dentistry today to schedule your appointment.

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